The 26th Dhaka Wangala festival 2019 celebrated for the first time for two days on 5-6 December (Thursday and Friday) 2019 at Lalmatia Housing Society School and College premises, Dhaka.

The Wangala is the best traditional celebration for the Garo community to express gratitude toward God Misi Saljong as Pattigipa Ra’rongipa, the Sun God, for blessing the people with a rich harvest at every collection period in late pre-winter.

Since the 1980s, many Garos began to migrate to other parts of the country, especially to Dhaka, to pursue higher education, or to find employment in the formal and informal sectors. In 1994, Rev. Father Camilus Rema took the first initiative to celebrate Wangala festival in Dhaka. Since then Dhaka Wangala is celebrated and becomes a popular platform for uniting Garo migrants in Dhaka.

Dhaka Wangala  spanned over three days with art competition for children, amusing football matches for young and senior citizens, special Garo indigenous concerts, traditional rituals, thematic discussions, stalls, cultural programs and raffle draw.